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Realism and perspective pgs 141-173

Realism and Perspective

realism is an improtant aspect of our sense of ethics as citizens in a world in which images proliferate as forms of communication and expression. when you look at art you and me as humans beings now whats real and whats not, but what we dont know is in abstract images and art movements have in many cases incorporated some elements of realism(emphasixing the materiality of point)for example while explicity rejecting other elements stroungly associted with realism perspective for example decribge them as trickery or illusionism so realism and abstract is not clear yet to know whats real at first when we view.

A example of realism in visual arts field is that the realist image depicts something as it would be seen by your eye. we always didnt look at art like a painting or scuptor. art never had a meaning before it was dont for example early christian art was used as away of communication or expression as time goes bye many poeple start to look at christan art as a manuscript as a function of expression of religious meanings. in many country art starting to become real like realism in 200 bce china chii dynasty was beared with his army each solider made of clay, and very different each solider different there was 7,500 soliders life size they were beared with him as a sign of protection to their emporer. art torned from something little or no meaning to something many different cultures use differently.

visual codes and historical meaning

As time goes by visual codes and historical maning change and we tend to look at images from the past differently. a viewer may make assumptions about the date of an images based not only on its content bu also on its style, medium and formal qualities. many things were used then that are used today that tells us how old a piece of art or photo real age is for example a photograph of julia margaret cameron, phmana portrailt of alice liddell,1872 inside this photo its tone is a sofe brown not used today in photos also now as sophia toning a process using a chemical secreated from cuttlefish, this made the print more resisiant to the process of decompostion over time, this toning would last longer than the black and white look. this type of chemical make the photo look atleast 50 years old maybe older, so when we look at a photo we can really tell whats real and how old somthing is by looking at it.

Pre Raphaelites and the neoclassiccities revided and reproduced an earlier set of approaches to the representation of human form, and in so doing drew on older forms and meaning to make new meaning in there comtemperary text. the term realism refers to a set of conventions or a style of art or representation that is understood at a given historical moment to accurately represent nature or the real or to convey or interpret accurate or unversal meanings about people, objects and events in the world. the goal to realist are is to represent what is seen infron of you for you to reproduce that. but in realism there is no universal standard and ideas about what constitues realism can also vary dramatically.

The perpective of the body and space in between shows how intestinly challenging it is for geometric perpective this is the length and space between eyes and hands have they have to be on point so for an artist to do this it can be very tricky to reproduce that realism they way that it is show that is why realism can be seen in so many different ways. also another thing you need to keep into consideration is when you are trying to put of whats in front of you like reproducing realism as you glance to turn you will notice inside your art you caught what your eye glances at you its very important to have nothing around while trying to produce the realism of something that way your eyes and brain only concetrartes on that pieace not several other things around. so do you think reproducing realism is trick or do you find puting it on paper easy? try and see what happen when you have things around you notice you work look deap inside it and notice shapes and colors of thing around you will contrast in your art.

-hedy rodriguez

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